Date: 7th January 2007 at 7:30pm
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How desperate are we for a genuine replacement for Mickey Cummins(pictured above)? Forget about Chris Birchall, Cummins is the player we have missed this season.

Look at what we’ve had filling in wide right this season. Mainly Danny Whitaker, who is unable to hold a position out right. He’s always getting sucked into the middle. He’s a central midfielder (a not very good central midfielder) who is equally poor playing out wide.

Striker Stefan Moore played out there a couple of times during his loan spell, he’s back at QPR now and i’m not expecting to see him at Vale again.

Striker Michael Husbands has appeared here on a couple of occassions.

Yesterday Ross Gardner had a go in this position and – apart from one good cross – was completely ineffectual. Ross is seen as a ‘versatile’ midfielder, but the reality is that he is a central midfielder.

We’ve got loads of them, central midfielders. Danny Sonner, Paul Harsley, Robin Hulbert, Danny Whitaker, Ross Gardner, absolutely no problems in that department.

We’ve got Jeff Smith out on the left, we’ve had fleeting glimpses of Jo Cardle out on the left, but nothing out on the right.

Is there anybody out there who we can snap up in the transfer window?

I would happily see us swap Dan Whit, Richard Walker and Nathan Lowndes for a decent winger.


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  • I’d like to see Jo Cardle have a chance on the right. He’s totally right-footed and I don’t understand why he plays out on the left. He always has to cut inside onto his right foot. I think he has potential.

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