Date: 27th August 2007 at 11:10am
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Vale manager has told The Sentinel that he is furious with Fulham’s conduct in their bid to prise keeper Joe Anyon away from Vale Park.

‘I am disappointed… they have made an offer and then they have pulled out straight away. Then they have signed Kasey Keller. Then straight afterwards it was ‘oh we’ll be back for Joe Anyon’.

Foyle is particularly incensed with the way Fulham boss Lawrie Sanchez has behaved through the Anyon bid, claimimg >’Managers deal with managers and I am disappointed with Lawrie Sanchez. I will be phoning him.’

‘It is so wrong. I think it is poor for a Premiership manager and people at the top to do that to one of the smaller clubs.’

Fulham had initially made a bid of £250,000 for Anyon which was rejected immediately by The Vale board, but if Fulham do come back with a more substancial bid it would be very difficult for Vale to turn them down.

However, with just five days to go before the transfer window closes Vale will need any deal regarding Anyon (and Striker Akpo Sodje) sorted out quickly so they can go out and spend some money. A central defender and midfield playmaker are desperately needed by Vale as well as replacements for Anyon and Sodje.


3 Replies to “Foyle fuming with Sanchez”

  • Joe and Akpo will probably be gone before the week is over. Will we use the money wisely? Hope so, we should have the money to buy 3/4 decent players if we can sell both players.

  • Joe is no were near ready for The Premiership. He’s played well for us but still has one or two things to work on with his game. Still, if we have the chance to cash in then we’ve got to do it.

  • Foyles making a big deal about this just to deflect away from the performance on Saturday. If Fulham come back with a half mill bid then I’m sure Foyle won’t be telling Sanchez where to get off.

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