Date: 26th August 2007 at 11:44am
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Port Vale 0-2 Hartlepool Utd

Can it get any worse than this? Just how bad was Vale’s display yesterday? Three games played and just one point won. No goals from open play so far, although we did go very close yesterday! Harsley hit the post, the rebound came out to Paul Edwards and with the goal wide open he had the simple job of slotting home from six yards. But it didn’t happen! Somehow a defender managed to get back and claear the ball off the line. I felt like crying, plenty around me were.

I’ve tried to stay positive about the football we’ve played so far this season, confident that salvation is just around the corner. That confidence and belief is all but gone after yesterday. It was truly shocking. For large chunks of the game we played like a non-league side. Paul Edwards started his first game this season and tried to impress us with some Christiano Ronaldo style step-overs and it was embarrassing. Like watching a Sunday league pub team.

Hartlepool were gifted the opener after just five-and-a-half minutes, and wrapped the game up with two minutes left. It could have been worse. Hartlepool hit the bar in the first half and squandered a couple of golden opportunities in the second half as the Vale defence went into meltdown.

Foyle was telling the press last week that there was no pressure on him, but has all changed now. The Club can not tolerate performances like that we witnesed yesterday. It was nothing short of disgraceful.

Full report and reaction to follow.


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