Date: 11th April 2012 at 5:59pm
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Burslem Boy takes a look back at Vale’s win over Macclesfield…

Macclesfield Town proved my mother wrong yesterday. She used to say that ‘things were never so bad they couldn`t get worse`. But Macclesfield were so bad in the first half that they really couldn`t get worse and they didn`t.

On the contrary, they made a game of it in the second half and would probably have won but for one of the worst-taken penalties in football history. What this says about the Vale is difficult to fathom. How they failed to bury the game in the first half defies rational explanation, though Town`s excellent on-loan goalkeeper Richard O`Donnell must be given some credit.

Macclesfield did not exactly morph into Barcelona in the second half. They simply got the ball into the Vale box as often as possible by the most direct route. This was enough to cause Vale problems and an increasing degree of anxiety. I am still trying to work out whether Tomlinson`s erratic keeping amounted to his having a stinker or a blinder. Micky Adams, not for the first time recently, read the situation well and took off both his central midfielders after 76 minutes, three minutes after Donnelly`s penalty miss. Shuker and Morsy established some renewed authority in midfield and Vale looked as though they could hit Town on the break as the Silkmen`s search for a breakthrough became more and more frenetic. Somehow the coup de grace fell to Adam Yates, who otherwise had a poor game, after good work by Pope and another excellent save from O`Donnell.

The sooner Mr Ryder makes good his acquisition the better. I have had quite enough of this season. It is time to move on.