Date: 24th February 2009 at 7:08pm
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Chairman Bill Bratt is not a happy man after discovering that a protest is being planned on the OneValeFan website. The peaceful protest is planned for 2pm at Saturdays home game against Luton Town.

Bratt told The Sentinel this:

‘We could do without protests because they are not going to help and will just put more pressure on the people who are trying to do everything they can for the club…shouting abuse and calling people names is not the way to do it.’

We’ve had a dismal season and it’s no wonder that anger and resentment are rising to the surface. Our home form has been pitiful, with nine defeats in sixteen games at Vale Park. Bratt himself is not the main target of the protest, no, it’s aimed primarily at certain arrogant directors who are behind some of the actions that have made a right show of Port Vale Football Club.

I’m 100% behind the protest, as long as it does remain peaceful. If it does descent into an intimidating display of venom and hate then it will become a counter-productive exercise. It is possible to voice concerns and dissatisfaction without resorting to a mob mentality, and hopefully this can be achieved. To take the path of the Angry Mob will doubtlessly be playing into the hands of the directors. Lets surprise them…

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  • I’ll be at the protest and they need seeing how angry we are, Peter Jackson is a tw*t and needs to know that fact.

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