Date: 7th September 2008 at 7:26pm
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What was going on in The Paddock on Saturday? Well, not much singing from where I was sat in The Bycars.

As someone who has moved over to The Bycars from The Paddock this season to see it so quiet – when it is so full – is really disappointing. Whats that all about? Have all the singers moved over to The Bycars?

Of course those who stand near to the Hamil Road End of the Paddock went through their tiresome ritual of throwing abuse chants at the visitors, but from the rest of the stand there was absolutely nothing.

Lorne Street don’t make much of an effort, but we’ve all know that for sometime. The Bycars has the potential to return back to its former glory, and a few more dedicated singers and the place will be rocking.


Were you in The Paddock? What was going on, why was everyone so quiet? Please let us know.

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2 Replies to “All Quiet In The Paddock”

  • Some of the singers have moved themselves into the Bycars, those that are left fall into two groups:- the shouting abuse at away fans and the only-sing-when-we’re-winning brigade who got right behind Vale when we were beating Bournemouth, but nothing to say when the team needs a lift.

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