Date: 23rd September 2008 at 11:53am
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It has emerged this morning that Assistant Manager Dean Glover and Youth Team Coach Andy Porter are likely to take over managerial issues at Vale Park after yesterdays sacking of Lee Sinnott according to The Sentinel.

The option that is apparently been discussed today is to make Glover ‘Director of football` and Porter ‘Head Coach`. What this means is that Porter will essentially be the first team Manager. The role of ‘Director of football` is, and probably always will be, beyond me. What exactly does a ‘Director of football` do? What actually will he direct? Ludicrous nonsense, that`s what it is.

This appears to me to be a way of appeasing Glover without actually giving him the Managers job. Do we need a ‘director of football`? No, of course we don`t. Who the hell needs one of these? What does Rudgie do in that capacity with the dopey sods across town? They certainly don`t play the kind of football that Rudgie wanted to see at Vale Park.

For Andy Porter to take over as Manager (or ‘Head Coach`) I would wholeheartedly agree with, that`s if – and this is more than likely – we have to appoint from within. He has had some success with the Youth Team, and although this would represent a big step up I think his attitude is bang on.

We`ll see…



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  • We can’t afford to appoint someone externally so its Glover or Porter basically. I’d give Porter a shot he’s worked well with the Youths. Glover as director of football! takes the p*** dun’ it.

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